My name is Aditya Unnikrishnan. I am a student from Fr. C. Rodrigues Institute of Technology for my Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering. 

Beautiful song isn't it ? It is from my favourite game. Undertale

Welcome to my website. Have fun!!

Special Skills

Python Developer

Experience in Python and developed few applications

Blockchain technology

Experience in Blockchain theory and development

Flutter App development

Built Material UI design Flutter application for CryptoCRIT

React.js and Next.js developer

Using React and Next to build faster SPAs

JavaScript developer

So so awesome. I have so much fun coding in JavaScript



 I have been playing Keyboard for over more than 10 years. Playing keyboard is fun


I have been playing badminton since my childhood and I enjoy playing this sport


I have been drawing occasionally since my childhood. I like drawing with pencil and shading art. Most of my drawings are based on anime characters.


I go to the Gym and I love to swim as well. Anyone should try to be healthier than they are today


I play a lot of mobile and computer games. Join me when I play GTA V. CharieBlastX7 is my GTA ID