My Music and arts

I have been making and covering music for quite a while.
Here are some of the works which I have made. Some sounds are exlcusively here

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A long time

Composed an electronic music using pure Logic Pro X without any audio plugins. I have uploaded this project in May 2020.

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Title Unknown

One of my older GarageBand projects. I have used preset loops from the loops library. Uploaded on Nov 2018.

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My first ever EDM track. Back in 2018 I have made this song. Too loud and too bad.

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Cover of Toby Fox's famous song from Undertale. Exclusively here!!!

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Firestone ( Instrumental Cover )

Sort of reverse engineered the song and made an instrumental track.

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Half Fell Down

2nd half (my favorite part) of the song Fallen Down (Reprise) from Undertale.